Activists Announce May Day Demonstrations For Immigration Reform In Several Cities

Immigration activists confirmed Thursday that marches are planned for several cities on May Day to press the Obama Administration and Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform.  Immigrant advocates want to put pressure on the president to follow through on campaign promises to reform the nation’s immigration system. They also want a stop to enforcement raids and deportations.

“On May 1, we’ll go out on the streets to tell Barack Obama’s government and the Congress that we need an immigration reform with a path to legalization for millions of the undocumented,” Juan José Gutiérrez, director of Movimiento Latino USA, told Univision Interactive Multimedia (UIM) in Los Angeles.

Activists in L.A., Gutierrez added, will start demonstrating this Saturday, April 4, on the 41st anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. “We will tell (the president) that the date is coming, the countdown to the 100 days when he promised to send an immigration reform proposal to Congress,” he said.

Gutiérrez said Obama had promised L.A. activists to send a bill to Congress before his first 100 days in office during a meeting in December 2007.

In Chicago, demonstrators will march through downtown as in previous years.

“They’ve done much to resolve the problems of the banks, the auto industry and all the other corporations, but they haven’t figured out how to resolve the problems of the people,” march organizer Jorge Mujica said about Congress during a news conference.

[The Chicago Tribune]

In New York, organizers said at a recent press conference that they expect “concrete changes to America’s deportation and guest worker policies,” as well as an end to raids, the NY1 news channel reported.

“President Obama has met with many immigrant rights organizations and he indicates that he wants very much to stop the raids, so we’re gonna make sure he gets the message from New York City,” said May Day Rally Coordinator Teresa Gutierrez.


As we’ve reported in recent weeks, the Obama Administration has shown signs that it may modify various immigration policies which have been criticized by immigrant advocates, like work-site raids, immigrant detention and immigration enforcement by local authorities. Pres. Obama himself said action on a comprehensive immigration bill may come soon.

But pro-immigrant activists seem to be getting antsy, perhaps due to mixed signals coming from the White House. This week, Vice President Joseph Biden said the economic crisis made this a bad time to think about passing immigration reform.

Actions like ICE’s release of two dozen undocumented immigrants detained during a raid at a Washington State engine plant are “a good start,” Carlos Fernández, a spokesman for the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities, told La Opinión. But he added advocates are expecting further, more concrete measures.

“They have not canceled the raids,” he said. “There is still no concrete idea of whether they will plan others.”

Obama must stop the raids and suspend deportations during this process (of debating immigration reform.) He has to understand that these measures hurt a great number of people.

[La Opinión]


  1. yes on reform

    It’s a shame. A biggest immigration country that he doesnt know how resolve the problems of the people for many years.

  2. White boy

    Secure the border? How? I say, fine the companies that hire them $100,000 per illegal worker. But we won’t do that because we benefit way more under this system of exploitation than does Mexico.

    We need a resident worker program that benefits both countries without exploiting either one.

  3. Savannah14

    We’ve got 6 million or more legal citizens who are UNEMPLOYED, yet 12 million or more illegal aliens taking jobs, collecting welfare and food stamps, getting a free education, free medical care, etc. – and yet the illegals do nothing but BITCH about how bad they have it.

    GET OUT!

  4. Let me explain, when my husband was deported for ilegal presence i, being disabled had to suddenly get on food stamps (no welfare as we are trying to make it without it) however, since i have reumatoid arthritis i cannot work and need extra help.

    They took away a tax payer (he had a temp work permit while we waited for his visa approval) he paid federal, social and will never see that again, or will he?

    they gave him a 10 year barr at our final interview with INS. Because he had come in illegaly PRIOR to our marrige we have two small childern together who have not sen their dad in LONG time

    I am US born, 4th gerneration American (more than that if you count my Cherokee ancestry) but there was nothing i could do to help him.

    When i applied for public assistance they put me thru the ringer, ORIGINAL Birth Certs and the like.

    HOW nowadays can illegals get all that assistance?

    well there are some facilities that help no matter your status, and i do know of some people in the medicaid office to accept bribes for helping get undocumented people medical assis. but i cant go any where and do anything with out producing my US citizen rights.

    When i USED to do payroll for a Tile and Brick company in Dallas All but 2 employees where illegal (total 40 employees) they would use socials from other people who had died and got away with it.

    Only get this, who gets the FICA and SS benefit?

    not them, they can never file and get irs return or retire so where does that money go?

    So take 38 people in one company, in one part of the city and mutiply that buy other companies in other cities in other states and my GOD! that is money Generated by illegals. Mind you i am not talking about the ones who work under the table.

    This also made it possible for the owners of this company to sit pretty.

    I looked around at all the job sites of the tile, coping and brick companies and the only WHITE GUYS where formens and there where NO Blacks.

    Where were all the young White Americans who say the illegals who are taking their jobs?????????

    Anyway there is more to it than that.

    You dont choose who you fall in love with, this young man left his poor ranch to come to America and send money back so they could eat, see a doctor ect…

    When they took him away from me I became a burden to the tax payers (not completey as my Social Security Disability check comes from MY 24 years of working!

    We lost our house, our savings and cars, i had to move from Calif to El Paso Tx just to be near him in JUAREZ, Mex!!!!!!!!!!

    And if you have been whatching the news about the Drug Cartels killing thousand of people then one should say; (as I do) SEND THOSE REAL CRIMINALS BACK!

    If the president passes immigration reform this year my husband can get a waiver uner the Family Unity section and wont have to wait the remainder of his Barr (he has 5 years left)

    Imagine yourself in this situation….think about it.

    Thank You and have a nice day.

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