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About Cristina DC Pastor

Cristina DC Pastor, a former Fi2W Business and Economics Reporting fellow, is the publisher and editor of The FilAm ( Her book, “Scratch the News: Filipino Americans in Our Midst” (Inkwater, 2005), is a celebration of ordinary citizens at the center of extraordinary stories. She is a graduate of The New School.
A tribute in light

Thinking of 9/11 During the Holiday Season

A multimedia project called ‘Together We are New York: Asian Americans Remember and Re-Vision 9/11’ transforms personal stories into poetry. The piece will be performed on December 18 in Manhattan.

Ramon Grijalvo

Celebrating Filipino Immigrants Lost in 9/11

Twenty one Filipino Americans died in the attacks of September 11, 2001. Reporter Cristina DC Pastor looks back at their lives in TheFilAm, an online magazine for Filipino Americans living in New York.