FI2W Video: New York March for Worker and Immigrant Rights in Union Square

A second pro-immigration reform rally took place in New York in Union Square on Friday. While attendance was sparse in the early afternoon, more activist groups had arrived by the time speeches and performances begun at 4 pm, amid chants of “Sí, se puede” (“Yes, we can”.)

Rain came soon and forced protesters to duck under blue tarps or even their own banners and picket signs. Many did not leave. “Although the rally filled the plaza on the south end of the park, the attendance was nowhere near the numbers we saw in 2006 or even last year,” reports Feet in 2 Worlds senior producer Jocelyn Gonzales, who created the video below.

Read about the other march for immigration reform that took place in New York on Friday.


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  2. Reading about the low turnout in both the immigration marches last week (I know the weather didn’t cooperate), it concerns me that having 2 marches was not productive. I think it’s very important that there be better communication between all immigration advocates and allies in NYC and Long Island well before any action so that all can march together. We need all the strength that there is to succeed, especially this year with the new administration showing at least some interest in comprehensive immigration reform. And certainly we need to raise one voice against raids, detentions, and the destruction of immigrant families.

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