Shreya Agrawal

Shreya Agrawal is a climate journalist and communicator who reports on the environment, health, politics and social issues. She is currently working as an intern for Feet in 2 Worlds. She also works as a newsroom fellow for The Xylom, an award-winning science publication, as well as an Engagement Coordinator for the USC Annenberg Center for Climate Journalism and Communication. Her work has been published in several outlets including Los Angeles Times, CalMatters and Malheur Enterprise, and she has appeared on radio stations like CapRadio, LAist, KCBS and KQED to talk about her reporting. She graduated from USC in 2023 with bachelor’s degrees in Geological Sciences and English, and a master’s degree in Journalism. She also founded and was formerly the inaugural editor of Annenberg Media Earth. She hopes to bridge gaps in climate communication and education and help save the planet with her work.