A Contrarian View of Latino Voters

Today's stories in the NY Daily News on Latino voters

Writing in today’s New York Daily News, Feet in Two Worlds blog editor Diego Graglia writes,

Despite ambitious voter registration drives by Hispanic advocacy groups this year, it still remains to be seen whether the election will be the breakthrough they expect.

Despite predictions of record turnout by Hispanic voters on November 4, Diego spoke with a Latino pollster in Florida who said Latino voters may not be as excited about the presidential candidates as some people assume they are.

Click here and here to read Diego’s stories and here for a photo slideshow.

Journalist Diego Graglia recently traveled from New York City to Mexico City, stopping along the way to talk to Latinos in small towns and big cities about the issues that matter to them. For more on La Ruta del Voto Latino/The Road to the Latino Vote visit www.newyorktomexico.com.

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