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Managing Director

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Development Coordinator

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Managing Editor

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Financial Manager

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Fellowship Mentor

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Reporting Fellow

Board of Directors

John Rudolph

Founder & Former Executive Producer, Board Member

Valeria Fernandez

Acting Chair, Board Member

Jocelyn Gonzales

Technical Director & Senior Producer, Board Member

Maritza L. Félix

Board Member

Anne Donohue

Board Member

Karen Frillmann

Board Member

Aaron Leaf

Board Member

Sarah Kramer

Board Member

Skip Desjardin

Board Member

Former Managing Editors

Mia Warren

Rob St. Mary

Mei-Ling McNamara

Rachael Bongiorno

Von Diaz

Aaron Leaf

Manolia Charlotin

Sarah Kramer

Diego Graglia

Aswini Anburajan

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Our commitment is to bring greater diversity and new voices to the nation’s newsrooms. We train, mentor, hire and support journalists from diverse immigrant backgrounds and provide them a platform to showcase their work.

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Now, more than ever, it is vitally important that immigrant perspectives are represented in America’s news media.

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