Author: Aaron Leaf

Bio: Aaron Leaf is a writer, editor, and digital producer based in New York with a special interest in African politics, immigrant diasporas, and the future of cities. Raised in Canada, he has lived on four continents and has written for a wide variety of publications. Recent bylines include Al Jazeera America, The Nation, The Globe and Mail and The Guardian.


Timeless Stories About Immigrant Life In America

Posted on: 12 May 2015

A look at hard news coverage and in-depth features.

New York’s Muslim Geography, from Apartment Mosques to Prayers in the Street

Posted on: 18 Dec 2014

With some 350 mosques, NYC offers a wide variety of approaches to Islam.

The Picasso of Mauritania Takes a Turn in New York

Posted on: 25 Jul 2013

Artist Djibril Ngawa Ba makes abstract paintings inspired by dreams of rural Mauritania.

Top Honors for Food in 2 Worlds™ Podcasts from International Culinary Group

Posted on: 10 Apr 2013

The IACP named Food in 2 Worlds the best Short Format Audio for 2012. Check out our award winning podcasts.

Illegal No More: AP Changes Their Stylebook

Posted on: 03 Apr 2013

After a campaign to get news organizations to stop using the term “illegal immigrant,” the Associated Press announced it will start using “undocumented.”

Food in 2 Worlds™ Podcast: Sub-Saharan Brooklyn Offers the Flavors of Africa

Posted on: 13 Mar 2013

An insider’s guide to the best African cuisine in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood.

Food in 2 Worlds: Immigrants Celebrate Thanksgiving by Mixing Traditions & Inventing New Ones

Posted on: 21 Nov 2012

In many immigrant households the Thanksgiving meal is a mix of traditions from the old country eaten alongside the food from the new.

Hit Hard: Russian Immigrants in Brighton Beach Begin Post-Hurricane Cleanup

Posted on: 13 Nov 2012

The largest Russian speaking community in North America was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Aaron Leaf went to Brighton Beach to talk to people cleaning up after the storm.

Some 80 Candidates from Immigrant Communities are Running for Congress in Tuesday’s Election

Posted on: 05 Nov 2012

Despite the high number of immigrant candidates, even if they all win on Nov. 6th Latinos and Asians will be underrepresented in Congress according to a new report.

Photos & Video From Our #LatinoVote Town Hall Event

Posted on: 23 Oct 2012

A slideshow of photos from the #LatinoVote event last Thursday.