Author: Cristina DC Pastor

Bio: Cristina DC Pastor, a former Fi2W Business and Economics Reporting fellow, is the publisher and editor of The FilAm ( Her book, “Scratch the News: Filipino Americans in Our Midst” (Inkwater, 2005), is a celebration of ordinary citizens at the center of extraordinary stories. She is a graduate of The New School.


Queens Immigrant Resource Center Fights to Stay Open

Posted on: 17 Jan 2014

Cristina Pastor reports on the challenges faced by the Bayanihan Filipino Community Center for The FilAm.

Filipino American Writers Recall Love Affair With Typhoons at Recent Literary Fundraiser

Posted on: 26 Nov 2013

Cristina Pastor reports on a recent event hosted by the Asian American Writers Workshop to raise funds for Typhoon Haiyan relief.

Filipino Families Unaware of Affordable Care Act

Posted on: 10 Oct 2013

Part 2 of a series by Cristina Pastor.

Improving Access to Care for Children with Disabilities Under Obamacare

Posted on: 08 Oct 2013

Part one of a two-part series on the Affordable Care Act and immigrant families.

Chinatown – A Last Holdout for NYC Smokers

Posted on: 27 Aug 2013

In parks, subway stations, even restaurants, cigarette smoking is still common among Chinese-speaking residents.

Photo Project Helps Latino Immigrants Bridge Generation Gap

Posted on: 14 Aug 2013

A new exhibit features photos by Latino parents and their children.

Judge Lorna Schofield: ‘I had no Filipino consciousness growing up’

Posted on: 01 Jul 2013

Judge Lorna Schofield is the first Filipino American federal judge in U.S. history.

A Film for High School Students Tackles Misconceptions About Undocumented Immigrants

Posted on: 14 May 2013

“Living Undocumented” tells the stories of six DREAMers who attended school in New York.

At the Heart of Immigration Reform, a Law That Would Make Families Whole Again

Posted on: 12 Apr 2013

Hundreds of thousands of immigrant rights supporters rallied before Capital Hill, Wednesday, in support of compassionate immigration reform.

Chinese Immigrants Time-Travel to Lower Manhattan Circa 1900

Posted on: 27 Aug 2012

A program at New York’s Tenement Museum introduces recent immigrants to immigrant lives from the past.