Picture 36

Protection: A Photographic Look at Immigrant Life in Britain

Through intimate photos of her family, Kajal Nisha Patel explores what it means to be a British-born Asian woman.

Nanubhai Education Foundation

Indian Immigrants Offer Financial Support to India’s Struggling Rural High Schools

A project that sends English-speakers from the U.S. to teach in rural India attracts financial contributions from Indian immigrants, but it’s non-Indians who sign up to do the teaching.

Onlookers watched the premiere of 'Immigrantula' at Moma PS1

An Immigrant Telenovela from New York: ‘We Have Come to Take Your Jobs’

Using the genre of Latin soap operas as a starting point, artist Viva Ruiz conceived a biting pastiche and performance art piece called “Immigrantula” about the struggles of undocumented immigrant workers in New York.