Farm workers in Florida

De Leon: If E-Verify Becomes Mandatory, It Won’t Solve Nation’s ‘Immigration Problem’

Fi2W columnist Erwin de Leon on the bill introduced this week by Rep. Lamar Smith that would make E-Verify mandatory nationwide.

Remé Grefalda in the Library of Congress (Photo: Erwin de Leon)

Hunter for Asian American Immigrant Stories Finds A Home @ the Library of Congress

Remé Grefalda is constantly on the lookout for books, publications, documents and other ephemera that preserve the Asian immigrant experience. She is the driving force behind a new collection at the Library of Congress -the Asian-American Pacific Islander Collection


‘Brain Waste’ – Underutilizing Immigrant Talent

More than 1.3 million college-educated immigrants are unemployed or underemployed in the U.S., working in low-skilled or semi-skilled jobs.


Report: U.S. Immigration Enforcement Program Leading to Deportation of Low Level Offenders

A new report shows wide differences across the country in a program allowing local authorities to enforce federal immigration laws. In some places 287(g) is leading to the deportation of undocumented immigrants accused of serious crimes, but in other areas immigrants arrested for traffic violations are being deported.

A march for marriage equality in New York - Photo: Towleroad

Gay Marriage – A Priority For Immigrants?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has promised to pass a marriage equality bill this year, and polls show a majority of New Yorkers support one. But some gay immigrant activists question whether gay marriage is the right issue to focus on.

Sign from the National Equality March, National Mall, Washington, DC.

Guest Column: Ask, Tell and Dream Together

Guest Columnist Erwin de Leon responds to the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, signed by President Obama today, and the failure of The DREAM Act in the Senate.