Author: Martina Guzman

Bio: Martina Guzmán is a former Feet in 2 Worlds reporter. She has for the past 15 years specialized in creative production with an emphasis on stories by and about Latino communities. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and Communication from Madonna University, an A.A. in Photography from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit; and a Master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University. She currently works as a feature reporter for WDET, the NPR affiliate in Detroit, Michigan.


A Mexican Immigrant Wears Detroit’s Golden Gloves

Posted on: 02 Aug 2010

A gym in Southwest Detroit serving the Mexican immigrant community has cultivated a star, 18 year old Erick De Leon. But as a non-citizen, De Leon’s opportunities are limited.

Thousands of Iraqi Refugees Overwhelm Arab Community Service Agencies in Detroit

Posted on: 15 Jan 2010

Arab community groups in Detroit that stepped up to help thousands of Iraqi refugees settle in the area now say they are overwhelmed by the task of assisting them. They also say they get little to no support from the local, state or federal governments.

Detroiters Literally Dancing In The Streets For America’s First Black President

Posted on: 05 Nov 2008

DETROIT – Martina Guzman, FI2W reporter Detroiters cheered in bars, honked their horns and literally danced in the streets when Barack Obama became the president-elect. Detroit is considered a black city: the population is more than eighty percent African American. It has had a black mayor for decades, black City Council members and elected officials. […]

"One Who Can Really Appreciate Voting": A Black Voter Remembers the Old South

Posted on: 04 Nov 2008

DETROIT – Martina Guzman, FI2W reporter John McDowell sat in his lawn chair at the Kemeny voting center in Detroit. He passed out Obama literature and smiled at the young people who came to vote. “I’m one of the ones who can really appreciate voting,” McDowell said. McDowell is originally from Louisiana but moved to […]

Long Lines Don't Stop Latino Voters in Southwest Detroit

Posted on: 04 Nov 2008

DETROIT, MI – By Martina Guzman, FI2W Reporter Undeterred by long lines, Latino voters in Southwest Detroit came out in droves today to cast their ballot for president. “This is the election where Latinos are really going to count,” said 77-year-old Bill Ojeda, a Korean War veteran. Ojeda was a little shy about saying he […]

Economy a Bad Joke: George Lopez Campaigns for Obama Among Detroit's Latinos

Posted on: 30 Sep 2008

Lopez campaigns for Obama in Detroit (Photo:|Detroit Free Press) It was George Lopez doing the talking, but this time the punch line wasn’t funny. “You cannot be happy with the last eight years,” the comedian said. “Do you like waking up everyday to banks closing?” Lopez was speaking at a voter registration rally aimed […]

Former President Fox in Detroit: A Mexican Viewpoint on Immigration Reform and the US Presidential Election

Posted on: 23 Sep 2008

Vicente Fox at Wayne State University. (Photo: Centro Fox) A capacity crowd of activists, politicians, students and intellectuals from the Detroit metro area gathered at Wayne State University Sept. 12 to listen to former Mexican President Vicente Fox give a lecture on “Globalization and Immigration.” Those attending the highly publicized event were eager to hear […]

Rashida Tlaib wins in Michigan: Now the Arab candidate must mend fences with Latinos

Posted on: 08 Aug 2008

Rashida Tlaib is poised to make history. The Palestinian attorney overwhelmingly beat eight other candidates in Tuesday’s Democratic primary in Detroit, and appears on her way to becoming the only Arab-Muslim woman in the Michigan House of Representatives. The majority-Latino neighborhood where she campaigned borders the largest concentrated Arab community in the US. Although this […]

Cross-Cultural Campaigning: In a Heavily-Latino District, Rashida Tlaib Runs to be the First Muslim Woman in the Michigan Legislature

Posted on: 05 Aug 2008

Michigan’s 12th House District is predominantly Latino, but the district borders the largest concentrated Middle Eastern community in the United States. Arab American, Rashida Tlaib, grew up on the Latino side of the district. She is running for state representative in today’s Democratic primary in one of Detroit’s most contested elections, and is the front-runner […]