Colorful Muslim Family

Coming of Age as an American Muslim Woman in post-9/11 America

“I finally feel like I have the tools and agency to share the stories of my fellow Muslims”


Fi2W on the Radio: Mosques Go Virtual During a COVID-19 Ramadan

Nargis Rahman reports for Michigan Radio on how Muslims are celebrating Ramadan virtually.


Redefining Ramadan in the Era of Social Distancing

Former Fi2W fellow Nargis Rahman on how COVID-19 is redefining spirituality for her Muslim American family.

A building in shadow in Detroit, with the sun behind it.

Celebrating Ramadan Under the Shadow of COVID-19

Former Fi2W fellow Nargis Rahman reports from Detroit.

A03D9A6ABismallah Kabob n Curry Cafe

A Halal Restaurant Helps Build a Community in Suburban Detroit

A radio story from the Fi2W food journalism fellowship at WDET.

Nargis HennaArtCake2EDIT
AudioFood In 2 WorldsStories

The Craft of Cakes, a Unique Expression of Bangladeshi Identity – Fi2W on the Radio

A profile of Shamsun Nehar, an engineer by day and a cake baker by night.

Mommy and MeEdited

Detroit Diaries: Showcasing the Community’s Strengths

A Bangladeshi journalist calls for a new approach to covering her community.

Nargis’featured photo

Diversity Led Me to Becoming a Bangladeshi American Muslim Journalist

The first installment of Nargis Rahman’s Detroit diary.