Author: Sehreen Noor Ali

Bio: Sehreen Noor Ali worked for the State Department as a public diplomacy strategist for five years and recently moved to NYC to pursue a career in technology and education. She worked with the White House on President Obama’s Muslim engagement strategy and also led an effort to increase science and technology outreach. She received her Ed.M from Harvard University, her B.A in International Development from Brown, and was granted an academic fellowship in Islamic Studies from the Institute of Ismaili Studies in London. She’s also a proud fellow of the Truman National Security Project and the American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute.


NHL Playoffs: The Hockey Myth, Joel Ward and My Immigrant Identity

Posted on: 09 May 2012

The Washington Capitals face the NY Rangers tonight, but Sehreen Noor Ali can’t stop thinking about Game 7 of the last playoff round when Joel Ward’s winning goal shot the Capitals to glory and set off a wave of racist comments from fans.

A Muslim Love Story – Bridging Differences to Make a Marriage

Posted on: 14 Feb 2012

Growing up the child of immigrants in Virginia, Sehreen Noor Ali clung to her identity as an Ismaili Muslim. When she met Talah she fell in love, but he was a Sunni Muslim, and she worried she’d lose herself in marrying him.