Author: Suman Raghunathan

Bio: Suman Ragunathan is a former Feet in 2 Worlds contributor. Suman is an experienced immigration and public policy analyst and consultant, with expertise spanning the grassroots, advocacy, and policy worlds.


Flawed Study Aims to Build The Myth of Non-Citizen Voter Fraud

Posted on: 17 Oct 2008

In many states including New York, last Friday was the deadline to register to vote in time for this year’s presidential and congressional elections. As of today there are six or seven states in the “tossup” category — depending on whether you ask, CNN or Real Clear Politics. In the midst of this close […]

Caught in the Citizenship Backlog: Uncertainty Over A Crucial Swing Vote.

Posted on: 19 Sep 2008

As Feet in 2 Worlds has reported recently, the candidates haven’t been talking much about immigration policy. But according to a couple of new reports released this week in honor of National Citizenship Day (September 17), immigration and naturalization are very much on the minds of the nation’s newcomers – whether they can vote or […]

From Postville to Laurel to St. Paul: No Clarity on Immigration Reform

Posted on: 02 Sep 2008

Last week, as many of the nation’s Latino Democratic operatives and immigrant rights activists expressed high hopes in Denver for the future of comprehensive immigration reform, the reality of the nation’s current immigration policy was vividly displayed in tiny Laurelton, Mississippi. Nearly 600 workers were swept up by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in […]

Feet in 2 Worlds' Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska on WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show

Posted on: 28 Aug 2008

Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska, Feet in 2 Worlds reporter and journalist with New York’s Nowy-Dziennik (Polish Daily News), appeared on The Brian Lehrer Show this morning as part of Brian’s daily series this week with immigrant journalists covering the Democratic National Convention. Ewa discussed the role immigrant journalists play covering the Convention for their communities, as well […]

Funny Names Unite for Obama

Posted on: 20 Aug 2008

A pro-Obama political action committee (PAC) just released a raft of television ads in New Mexico,a critical battleground state where one-in-three voters is Latino. As Feet in 2 Worlds’ Martina Guzmán reported in her recent news feature on WNYC New York Public Radio, the campaigns are increasingly targeting their multimillion dollar Latino voter outreach efforts […]

Hartford Votes to Integrate its Immigrants

Posted on: 13 Aug 2008

In an interesting update to the ongoing national debate over police officers enforcing immigration law (and to Feet in 2 Worlds’ reporting on the issue), Hartford, CT’s City Council voted unanimously Monday to prohibit all city workers, including police officers, from asking about residents’ immigration status except in criminal cases and from turning over undocumented […]

ICE Advertising Voluntary Deportation Program in the Ethnic Press

Posted on: 06 Aug 2008

It looks like the ethnic media’s role and importance only continues to grow – not only for immigrants, but for immigration enforcement agencies as well. Federal immigration authorities are enlisting ethnic media in their efforts to encourage the nation’s eligible undocumented immigrants to come forward to deport themselves via a new pilot program, ‘Operation Scheduled […]

Voluntary Deportation: ICE's Latest Scheme to Combat Unlawful Immigration

Posted on: 30 Jul 2008

Could the nation’s undocumented immigrants please stand up? The government will be happy to deport you. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) will encourage the nation’s roughly 12 million undocumented immigrants to voluntarily turn themselves into immigration authorities for deportation in the coming months in an unorthodox new program designed to help the agency […]

The Occupational Hazards of Being a Reporter for the Arab Press in America: Al Jazeera English

Posted on: 30 Jul 2008

Feet in 2 Worlds doesn’t generally rely on the Daily News’ Rush & Malloy gossip page as a credible source, period, let alone on immigrant and ethnic media. But an election-related headline caught our eye yesterday. When an Al Jazeera English reporter attempted last week to interview an Iraq war veteran running for Congress in […]

New York Raises the Bar on Language Access

Posted on: 24 Jul 2008

In a landmark announcement Tuesday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared that all 100 city agencies that serve the general public are now required to translate key documents and provide interpretation for the city’s millions of immigrant residents in the top six languages spoken by New Yorkers. The new policy, outlined in Executive Order […]