Border Violence Against Immigrants Raises Questions

The US Mexico Border

The U.S.- Mexico Border. (Photo: Denise Rowlands/flickr)

Feet in Two Worlds reporter Aswini Anburajan is guest blogging at The American Prospect this week. We’ll be linking to her posts as they roll out.

As a long time writer for a blog on immigration and immigrant issues, I’ve built a high level of skepticism when I hear calls for greater border enforcement in terms of illegal immigration, or calls to further fund ICE (the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.) Almost any speech that comes out of Maricopa County and the state of Arizona I assume comes from unbridled xenophobia. Which is why, when I saw this series by TheDaily on the violence against and trafficking of people on the border of the United States and Mexico, I needed to question my own judgments on the issue of immigration and border protection…

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