Coming soon: Home, Interrupted focuses on immigrants and climate change

In New York City, thousands of people live in crowded basement apartments that are prone to flooding. Now, as the frequency and severity of storms has increased due to climate change, living in a basement apartment has become increasingly dangerous.  Many people who are forced to live in these apartments are immigrants. How are they coping, and what measures is the city taking to protect them?

Our new podcast series Home, Interrupted explores how the climate crisis affects immigrants across the U.S., and how immigrant communities are finding new ways to deal with a warming planet. From Florida farmworkers who have to contend with extreme temperatures, to Mayan immigrants in Nebraska who are experimenting with sustainable farming practices based on ancient methods, to New York high school students who are helping to design flood-resistant playgrounds, Home, Interrupted will bring listeners on a journey through deeply-reported narrative podcasts.

Home, Interrupted is produced and hosted by Iggy Monda – a Feet in 2 Worlds Editing Fellow and the host of the PRX-Religion of Sports show Roughhousing. Quincy Surasmith is the managing editor. The executive producer is John Rudolph. Contributing producers to the series include journalists who trace their roots to China, Eritrea, Mexico, Guatemala, Italy, and Sweden. 

Home, Interrupted is part of the A Better Life? podcast, which is available on all major distribution platforms including Apple Podcasts, Castbox, Pocket Casts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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