Fi2W Podcast – Bin Laden’s Killing Poses Unique Challenges for Pakistani Immigrants in the U.S.

Islamic Circle of North America New York

A meeting at the Islamic Circle of North America in New York on May 5, 2011. (Photo: Mohsin Zaheer)

As you’ll hear in the Fi2W podcast, many Pakistanis in the U.S. expressed relief at the killing of Osama bin Laden.  But now there is growing concern among Pakistani immigrants over rising tensions between the U.S. and Pakistan, and fears that Pakistanis—and Muslims in general—will be subjected to harsh scrutiny as the U.S. tries to prevent terrorist attacks in retaliation for bin Laden’s death.

Listen to Feet in Two Worlds executive producer John Rudolph in conversation with Fi2W contributor Mohsin Zaheer, editor of the Urdu-language weekly Sade-e-Pakistan and founder of The Pakistani Newspaper, along with Jehangir Khattack communications manager for the New York Community Media Alliance.

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