FI2W Weekend Reads: Links to Ethnic Media and Beyond

Court Interpreter, Erik Camayd-Freixas breaks his code of silence to report on how undocumented workers were abused and terrorized by the justice system in the wake of the largest immigration raid in history.  Read his essay, which made national headlines here.

The New York Times had a powerful editorial on Camayd-Freixas’ essay, also a must read.

The largest immigration raid in U.S. history has left scores of children without parents. Their stories here.

Criminal charges are being filed against illegal immigrants at an increased rate reports Syracuse University.

Migrant workers find a home in Maine.

Is the Confucian model of the family crumbling in Korea? An American in Seoul’s take.

Europeans are calling Obama’s trip abroad crucial. Read the coverage from the other side of the pond.

The Atlantic says that geo-politics really will make a difference in this election.

A conservative criticizes the prisoner of war swap between Lebanon and Israel.

And 3 YouTube Videos from “Crime, Justice and Immigration: Where do we go from here?” a conference at John Jay College.

Balls vs. DeStefano: How Do Cities Handle Illegal Immigration?

Crime Trends and the Law: Are We Criminalizing Immigration?

U.S. Rep Silvestre Reyes’ Speech. Reyes is Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.