Food in 2 Worlds™: Audio Postcards about Cuisine, Culture, and Love

Audley Grocher with some of his culinary creations; photo by Kimberly Bonds

For many immigrants and people with immigrant parents, food is a way to connect with the culture of their home country. Students in the Feet in 2 Worlds journalism course at The New School went out to document the many ways immigrants cook, eat, and share cultural connections through food.

Among them is Bronx resident Audley Grocher, a Jamaican immigrant who first learned to cook out of necessity, but now counts it as one of his favorite hobbies. You can also listen to the story of a young couple who wooed each other with traditional foods from Haiti and Mexico.

Listen to the audio postcards:

Kimberly Bonds produced this audio portrait of Audley Grocher, an accomplished cook from Kingston, Jamaica.

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Christina Berthaud spoke with her brother Frantz and his fiancée Nora who’ve had a love affair with food, and each other, for seven years. As Frantz says, “food literally brought us together.”

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Fi2W is featuring stories by students in the Feet in 2 Worlds journalism course at The New School.

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