Fi2W Food Tours of New York’s Immigrant Neighborhoods

Tour-goers eating delicious quesadillas on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens. (Photo: Sarah Kate Kramer)

Feet in 2 Worlds has partnered with walking tour professionals Streetwise New York to bring you food tours of New York’s immigrant neighborhoods. The tours were developed in partnership with cookbook author Kathy Gunst.

Roosevelt Avenue: Eat The Street

Visits the top street carts on Roosevelt Avenue—a strip called the foodie’s “El Camino del Santiago” by food writer Calvin Trillin. Whether it’s elotes, Mexican grilled corn, served from a makeshift grill on a shopping cart or tacos from an established family-owned cart, or Colombian pandebonos, the food and the people we meet are unforgettable. Taste a Tibetan momo that’s a clone of what you’d find in the Himalayas, down an Ecuadorian Bollo de Pescado that Andeans swear is just as good as the ones back home, and delight in a fresh handmade quesadilla all under the comforting rumble of the No. 7 train overhead.

This tour offers an insiders look into the social and culinary history of Roosevelt Avenue—giving you the stories of the food and people who run these carts. We end at a local Colombian cafe where we help digest our food with a drink just like the regulars.

Astoria: Mediterranean Flavors

Once famous for being the biggest Greek community outside of Greece, Astoria now reflects the entire Mediterranean. Egyptians relax over hookahs down the block from Sicilians arguing about sports and politics, while Moroccan expats stuffed from merguez sandwiches fight for parking spots. This tour will hit some of the famous restaurants, carts, and markets but will also get you an insider’s view of the neighborhood.

We’ll visit Freddy, the King of Falafel, winner of the prestigious 2010 Vendy award and then taste the best of a Greek market. After seeing where to find the city’s best choice of mediterranean ingredients, we’ll see how recent immigrants masterfully serve up their own regional dishes while learning about the neighborhood. We’ll end with what Astoria does best, dessert.

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Individuals $79
Group Tour Dates Pending
Meets at Grand Central

Or Private Tours $350 (up to 4 people)
$45 each additional guest

Praised by Award winning Cookbook author Peter Reinhart!

“You should check out Queens. I’d been hearing so many great things about the food but didn’t know where to begin. Glad I went….” –Food writer Nikki Gardner


“I thought I knew Astoria… and then I took the tour…. I feel like we traveled the world in a day. I’m so grateful to have learned more about the neighborhood I love.” –Caryanne, review on tripadvisor