Home Taste Like… Multimedia Stories from our Food Journalism Workshop

Workshop participant Vanessa Fuentes interviews a local restaurateur; photo: Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang

Which food has that distinct aroma – as soon as you smell it you smile, close your eyes and dream for a moment.  It’s so evocative of home that it takes you there immediately, even just for a few seconds.

Recently Feet in 2 Worlds brought together journalists, students and culinary professionals for an intensive three-day food journalism workshop. Participants went out to meet some of the cooks and chefs that make New York’s food culture so diverse and treasured by those searching for a taste of home.

Through the story-telling website Cowbird, Fi2W sprouted the seed called ‘Home Tastes Like…’ a collection of stories about our food, family and culture. Click here to hear all the stories on Cowbird.

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Listen to why Venezuelans hold the dish hallacas with such affection

What is it about Thiru Kumar’s grandmother’s dosa recipe that keep his customers coming back?

The Fi2W Food Journalism Workshop was supported by The Culinary Trust’s Growing Leaders program and The Julia Child Foundation.

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