Immigration Questions? MPI Has Answers.

Number of Immigrants Who Became US Citizens, 1907 to 2009

Number of Immigrants Who Became US Citizens, 1907 to 2009 (Source: Migration Policy Institute)

Ever wonder how many immigrants were in the U.S. in 1910? Or what the most common languages spoken in the U.S. were in the 1960s?  Or how many legal immigrants the U.S. is accepting this year, compared to a decade ago? Or what countries most immigrants to the U.S. hailed from last year?

To answer these questions, and many others, the Migration Policy Institute has just released a remarkably useful set of graphs and data sets for visualizing U.S. Immigration trends throughout history. Users can see clearly how much legal immigration there has been annually, the number of refugees admitted, the yearly number of new citizens, region of birth for immigrant populations, the immigrant percentage of the workforce, and much more.

From the MPI website:

“By placing immigration to the United States in its broader historic context, the characteristics of today’s migration flows and the immigrant communities they establish can be better understood.”

All we can say is, thank you!

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