Leading public media newspaper highlights Fi2W

Aurora Almendral, former Fi2W fellow reporting on Typhoon Haiyan; photo courtesy of Aurora Almendral

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Jennifer Goren, senior editor at PRI’s The World, credits Feet in 2 Worlds with bringing to public radio, “voices we weren’t hearing on our show and I think, in some ways, voices that we weren’t hearing anywhere else.”  Goren is quoted in a feature article about Fi2W in Current, the leading publication covering public radio and TV in the U.S. 

In the Current article, published on September 15, reporter Jon Kalish explores how, as both a training and newsgathering organization, Fi2W tells the stories of today’s immigrants.

Fi2W journalism fellows who have gone on to report for prominent public radio outlets including NPR and WNYC told Current how their experiences at Fi2W shaped their careers.

“I would not be a radio reporter if it had not been for Feet in Two Worlds,” former Fi2W fellow Von Diaz told Current.

Diaz now has her “dream job” working as a producer for StoryCorps overseeing its LGBT initiative, Out Loud.

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“They were top-notch reporters, and I learned a lot from them,” said Katie Davis, a former editor at NPR’s LatinoUSA who has worked with a number of Fi2W journalism fellows.

“It’s hard to enter another world, but to be working so closely with these reporters I felt that I did that.”

“It’s like they took me by my elbow and said, ‘Now, we’re going to go here.’ It was like I had a foot in another world, and so, too, did the listener.”

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