Men, Their Mothers, and Food

Ask a man about his mother and inevitably he will talk about the food she cooked for him when he was growing up. For men from immigrant backgrounds mom’s cooking often has added significance because it connects them both to their memories of home and to the country where they or their parents came from.

We asked the hosts of About Men Radio to tell us about dishes they learned to cook from their mothers that take inspiration from their immigrant roots. Then we teamed up with our friends at Cowbird to bring you these wonderful multimedia stories.

Listen to Chris Mele’s story – A Man, A Can, and A Plan: *We’re sorry, but CowBird’s website is no longer active, so this story isn’t available*

And here is Pedro Rafael Rosado with an homage to a classic Puerto Rican dish. His story is called Pernil is the Ultimate: *We’re sorry, but CowBird’s website is no longer active, so this story isn’t available*

View more in this series Bronx Stories – Keeping Meat on the Table, Honoring Mom

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