Podcast: How African Immigrants are Reshaping the Bronx

African corner store in the Bronx; photo: Kimberly Bonds

Migrants mainly from West Africa are transforming the Bronx, opening businesses, establishing churches, mosques and schools, and adding their language and traditions to the borough’s cultural mix.  The Bronx has the highest concentration of African immigrants of any of the city’s five boroughs.

In this podcast we hear from three African immigrants living in the Bronx. They talk about the circumstances that led them to leave Africa and settle in the Bronx, the growing influence of African Muslims, and the challenges facing Africans in the Bronx both within and outside of their immigrant communities.

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AboutKimberly Bonds
Kimberly Bonds is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides psychotherapy services to adults, creates and facilitates Wellness Seminars, and produces social advocacy media.