A Feet in 2 Worlds Podcast Series

Journalists from the ethnic media talk about their communities’ views of the historic 2008 presidential election.

A historic election.

A historic election.

Asian elites weigh issues, history and race in the presidential contest

September 8, 2008

Asian voters have been called the, “new sleeping giant,” of American politics. Asians make up about 5 per cent of the US population, and their numbers are growing rapidly. But according to a recent study by researchers at UCLA, political participation by Asian Americans is significantly lower than the national average. Executive producer John Rudolph interviews James S. Cheng, a strategy adviser to the Asian Americans for McCain Coalition.


Immigrants: Left behind at the border

June 18, 2008

Hundreds of bodies and tons of debris are left behind in the southern Arizona desert each year. They are the remains and former possessions of immigrants who have entered the U.S. illegally from Mexico. Journalist Karla Escamilla, who documented this littered landscape in reports for Univision KUVE-TV in Tucson, Arizona, speaks with executive producer John Rudolph.
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Latina voters gain influence in the 2008 election

April 15, 2008

Hispanic women are emerging as a sought-after voting bloc in the 2008 campaign. Latinas are especially important because Hispanic women vote in greater numbers than Hispanic men and their decisions about which candidate to support have considerable influence among their family members, friends, and neighbors. Feet in Two Worlds reporter Martina Guzmán –who visited Allentown, Pennsylvania, to report on grass-roots efforts to reach out to Latina voters before the Pennsylvania primary–speaks with FI2W executive producer John Rudolph


Latino voters take center stage in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination

March 17, 2008

Latino voters were pivotal in Hillary Clinton’s victories in Texas, California, and New Mexico. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, exit polls show that, “Latinos accounted for at least 30% of the total votes cast in the Democratic primary (in those states), and Clinton outpolled Sen. Barack Obama among Latinos by a ratio of about two-to-one.” La Opinión political reporter Pilar Marrero analyzes this in a conversation with executive producer John Rudolph. They also discuss historical trends that gave Latino voters unprecedented clout at the ballot box in 2008.


Barack Obama courts evangelical Latinos

March 13, 2008

Aswini Anburajan, campaign reporter for NBC News/National Journal, and Lorenzo Morales of El Diario/La Prensa, speak with executive producer John Rudolph about Obama’s faith-based campaign strategy. They discuss his unique approach, its effectiveness and the issues that matter to evangelical Latino voters—many of which have little to do with church positions on abortion or same-sex marriage.


Unease about Obama candidacy in some immigrant communities

February 15, 2008

Two journalists, Ari Kagan, senior editor of the Russian newspaper Vecherniy New York and Jehangir Khattak, a writer for Pakistan News and Defence Journal, discuss the challenges facing the Democratic senator from Illinois in his presidential campaign. Kagan and Khattak also talk about Senator Hillary Clinton’s support among Pakistani and Russian immigrants.


Latino voters weigh candidate positions on abortion, the war in Iraq and immigration

February 6, 2008

Executive producer John Rudolph speaks with Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush, executive editor of El Diario/La Prensa, about key issues for Latino voters and his newspaper’s efforts to present a picture of the Latino electorate that is more nuanced than mainstream media.


Kennedy endorsement of Obama creates “the perfect storm of Irish-American reaction”

January 31, 2008

Peter McDermott, associate editor of the Irish Echo, speaks with executive producer John Rudolph about Irish-American reaction to the Kennedys’ endorsement and the comparisons being drawn between Senator Obama and the late President John F. Kennedy. Peter also talks about Irish-American views of Senator John McCain, a Republican presidential candidate with Irish roots.


Chinese immigrants and the campaign for the White House

January 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani are the favored presidential candidates in New York’s Chinese community. Will Chinese immigrants support other candidates if they do not win their party’s nomination? What campaign issues are most important to Chinese-Americans? Listen to Lotus Chau, chief reporter with Chinese-language newspaper Sing Tao Daily, in conversation with executive producer John Rudolph.


Some presidential candidates face hurdles winning support from Russian and Pakistani immigrants

January 11, 2008

John Rudolph speaks with Ari Kagan, senior editor of Vecherniy New York (Evening Time New York), a Russian-language weekly, and Jehangir Khattak, bureau chief of Defence Journal, and a contributor to Pakistan News and Dawn, “Pakistan’s most widely circulated English-language newspaper.”


What happened to the debate over immigration among the Democratic candidates?

January 7, 2008

Executive producer John Rudolph speaks with La Opinión political reporter Pilar Marrero and Aswini Anburajan, who covered the campaign for NBC News/National Journal.


El Diario‘s Lorenzo Morales on campaign reporting and immigrant issues

December 16, 2007

Executive producer John Rudolph interviews El Diario/La Prensa reporter Lorenzo Morales on the challenges of reporting on the campaign trail and how the candidates respond to issues important to immigrant communities.