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It’s just a pot. That is unless you’ve owned it for years and it’s what you use to make an old family recipe such as gumbo or arroz con gandules. We invited a group of emerging journalists and community activists to bring objects from their kitchens to our workshop on Telling Immigrant Food Stories, and to record the stories behind those objects. What emerged were powerful narratives that connect food, family, gender identity, history, ethnicity and of course flavor.

The stories are by Abé Levine, Rachel Ronquillo Gray, Nico Wisler, Rekha Malhotra and Kayla Stewart. They were recorded in San Francisco on June 1, 2019 by Shanna Farrell, Rachel Duchak, Sonja Swanson, Rachel Ronquillo Gray and Nico Wisler.

Sharing a meal at  Fi2W’s Telling Immigrant Food Stories workshop in San Francisco. Photo: Carly Fink

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The workshop was presented in partnership with Civil Eats and Making Contact.

Major funding for the workshop comes from The International Association of Culinary Professionals’ foundation, The Culinary Trust, and its Growing Leaders Food Writing program. The Food Writing Program is funded with the support of the Boston Foundation. Support also comes from Grow and the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses.

Fi2W is supported by The Ford Foundation, the David and Katherine Moore Family Foundation, the Ralph E. Odgen Foundation, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, The J.M. Kaplan Fund, an anonymous donor and readers like you.

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