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New York, Marriage Equality and Immigrants

New York’s new Marriage Equality law expands LGBT civil rights in the state, but it will not help lesbian and gay immigrants who hope to gain permanent residency by marrying American partners.

Hispanic Group Asks Cuomo to Implement a “Latino Agenda”

The Latino Society of New York wants Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo to appoint Latinos to key positions in his new administration. The announcement of the proposed “Latino Agenda” cost one long-time Assembly aide his job.

Cuomo’s Campaign Promises to Latinos

The Democratic candidate for New York governor said if elected he’ll review the controversial Secure Communities agreement with the federal government.

More Confusion Over Secure Communities: Did NY Make a Special Deal with Washington?

It’s not clear if New York has the power to opt out of the federal program designed to find and deport undocumented immigrants who have committed serious crimes. Immigrant advocates say Secure Communities is being used against people who only committed minor offenses.


Cuomo and Hispanic Leaders: BFFs?

After a long silence from Andrew Cuomo regarding immigration in general and Latinos in particular, the candidate for governor finally addressed Hispanic leaders in New York this weekend.


Immigration may be Key Issue in New York Gov Race

El Diario/La Prensa reporter Catalina Jaramillo was a guest on WNYC Radio this morning talking about the potential for immigration policy to shape the race.