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Immigrant Family Keeps The Art of Rug Weaving Alive in Detroit: Martina Guzmán on WDET

Handmade rugs from around the world have made their way into the homes of metro Detroiters, collectors and art aficionados across the United States thanks to the Hagopians, an Armenian family from Detroit.

Feet In 2 Worlds reporter Martina Guzmán aired a report last week on WDET, Detroit Public Radio, about the Hagopian family’s commitment to keeping the art of rug weaving alive and the annual rug design competition at the College for Creative Studies that has influenced hundreds of young artists.

In her piece for the Detroit Today show, Martina reports,

The Hagopian store in Birmingham is alive with color. Persian, Turkish and Armenian rugs in ornate, geometric and floral patterns hang like paintings in the main floor of the show room. The colors include vibrant blues, reds, sage, and clay tones.

The store looks more like a museum gallery than a show room. And that’s the idea. The Hagopian family wants people who visit its store to understand that the rugs are arduous, time consuming pieces of art steeped in culture and tradition.

To listen to the report, click play below. You can also visit the Detroit Today website here.



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