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"A Better Life?"AudioStories

Permanent Resident, Expiration: Never

Through The Fake Green Cards Project, Philadelphia-based artists Xuan Liu and Youkun Zhou invite us to imagine a world where getting “papers” is not the nerve-wracking process it has become for many immigrants in the U.S. Producer Danya AbdelHameid reports on how their whimsical hand-drawn cards explore the meaning of the green card, spark conversations about the challenges of navigating the immigration system, and raise questions about what it means to belong in America.


Chinese Voters in New York Tack Right, Posing a Challenge for Both Parties

Republican Lester Chang’s unexpected election win in Brooklyn raises questions about the future of Chinese American politics.

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"A Better Life?"AudioStories

How to Wash Your Brain — “A Better Life?” Podcast

Writer and producer Boen Wang and his Chinese-born mom disagree on almost every political issue. Each suspects that the other has been “brainwashed”, because how else could they have such extreme views? In this personal piece, Boen unpacks the epistemology and history of the term brainwashing, and goes on an intimate exploration of his mom’s childhood and experiences in the U.S. to figure out what has actually shaped her political beliefs—and his own.

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Podcast: New York’s Fashion Industry Runs on Immigrant Labor and Creativity

Immigrants are making waves in the American fashion industry.

A child at PS 20 in the dual language Mandarin English program

Podcast: How to Get Ahead in This Economy? Learn Mandarin

But in New York City schools the demand for Chinese-language instruction exceeds the supply. Fi2W Executive Producer John Rudolph interviews reporter Lan Trinh about the explosive interest in Mandarin instruction.

Wong Kim Ark, subject of a federal immigration investigation case conducted under the Chinese Exclusion Act (1882-1943) of the United States.

Wong Kim Ark: One of the Original “Anchor Babies” and Decidedly a U.S. Citizen

The current challenge to the birthright citizenship clause of the 14th amendment is nothing new–the Supreme Court took on the issue back in 1898.