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Podcast: Inside the Newsroom of a Chinese-language Daily as the John Liu Story Unfolds

Rong Xiaoqing, a reporter with the Chinese-language newspaper Sing Tao Daily, is covering the scandal involving NYC Comptroller John Liu.

NYC’s Pakistani Immigrant Community Removed from Local Political Process

New York’s “Little Pakistan” was mostly ignored by the candidates and is largely unaware there’s an election happening today. What does it mean when an immigrant community does not participate in mainstream politics?

The Year in Review: New York Ethnic Press Gains Influence And Politicians Pay Attention

In a city where 36% of the population is foreign-born, not reaching out to some 300 ethnic newspapers and magazines seems like an oddly missed opportunity. But recently this has started to change.

Courting Immigrant Journalists: FI2W’s Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska on The New York Times

Nowy Dziennik/Polish Daily News reporter and Feet in 2 Worlds contributor Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska had a story this week on The New York Times’ City Room blog, about city comptroller-elect John Liu’s outreach to local ethnic media.