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Ingrid Betancourt - Copyright 2008 Tess Steinkolk

Remembering Colombia’s Political Prisoners: An Interview with Ingrid Betancourt

In early December, the Colombia’s FARC guerrillas announced plans to liberate five political prisoners. In the wake of that news, Annie Correal interviewed FARC’s most well-known former hostage, former Colombian presidential candidate, Ingrid Betancourt.

Transistor Radio - Photo: Road Side Pictures

Radio Messages to a Captive Audience

10 years ago, Feet in Two Worlds contributor Annie Correal was living in the United States when her father was kidnapped in Columbia by the FARC guerrillas. Her story just aired on This American Life.

McCain Attacks First and in Spanish

The battle for the Latino vote has returned to American soil after Sen. John McCain’s three day trip to Colombia and Mexico.

The campaigns engaged in their own Independence Day back and forth on who would best represent Latinos. Nothing that would resemble fireworks, but remarkable because the first attack ad the McCain campaign has launched was aimed at a Hispanic audience. (more…)