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Political Satire: Ways Mitt Romney Can Attract Latino Voters

Meet Jack Tomas, Fi2W’s new Latino blogger. He’ll be contributing posts, often with a satirical flavor, as we count down to the 2012 presidential election.


Podcast: Reaction to Jose Antonio Vargas in the Filipino Community

Filipino reporters Cristina DC Pastor and Erwin De Leon give their take on the voluntary “outing” of Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas as an undocumented immigrant.


Obama Has Mojo: Health Reform’s Lessons for Immigration Reform

Listen to an audio interview as New America Media’s Sandip Roy speaks with Frank Sharry, executive director of pro-immigration reform group America’s Voice.


Analyzing the Latino Vote: Pilar Marrero on PRI’s The World

Reporter Pilar Marrero, a columnist for La Opinión newspaper in Los Angeles and Feet In 2 Worlds contributor, appeared yesterday on PRI’s nationally-syndicated radio show The World. She spoke with anchor Lisa Mullin about the impact of first-time Latino immigrant voters on the outcome of the presidential election.

Marrero reported –among other data– that Latino turnout held constant and that the Latino vote in Florida is shifting away from the Republicans.

You can listen to the segment here or you can visit the show’s website:


Feet in Two Worlds Reporters Discuss Republican National Convention Speeches on The Brian Lehrer Show

Feet in 2 Worlds continues to provide the immigrant press’ views and analysis on the conventions with regular appearances on WNYC.

This morning, reporters Pilar Marrero (columnist and political editor of Spanish-language La Opinión) and freelance journalist Aswini Anburajan were guests on The Brian Lehrer Show to discuss last night’s speeches at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. Pilar explored how Vice Presidential nominee Governor Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech and nomination might resonate with Latino and Latina voters. Listen here:


During the second hour of the show, Aswini discussed the role of entrepreneurship, high-tech industries, and H-1B high-skilled immigrant workers in shaping an economic platform for the future, as well as what 21st century jobs might look like.  She also shed some light on immigrant community views on free trade agreements and how they influence their party choices. Listen here:


Deconstructing the Ethnic Vote on Community Radio in Colorado

In the shadow of the Pepsi Center (site of the Democratic National Convention) – inside what’s called “The Big Tent” – New York Community Media Alliance and Feet in Two Worlds hosted a panel discussion on the role of ethnic voters in this year’s election.

Photo by Hugh Graham via Flickr

The scene outside the Big Tent in downtown Denver.

The discussion was moderated by John Rudolph, Executive Producer of Feet in Two Worlds. The panel guests included Jehangir Khattack, a U.S.-Pakistani reporter with Defense Journal, and Dawn; Raymond Dean Jones, Political Columnist, Denver Urban Spectrum; Lotus Chau, Chief Reporter, Sing Tao Daily; and Pilar Marrero, Senior Political Writer and Columnist, La Opinion.

The panel explored the concerns of ethnic voters, their shifting political allegiances, their hopes and fears about the election, and most importantly: Do ethnic voters connect to the Democratic candidate?

KGNU Community Radio is hosting audio from the event on their station blog, which you can listen to here: