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Commentary: Sequestration’s Toll on Immigrants and Our Shared Future

Erwin de Leon examines the impact of sequestration on immigrants and it doesn’t look good.


Commentary: Will Immigration Reform Be Comprehensive and Inclusive?

FI2W’s Erwin de Leon worries that compromise on immigration reform could leave out binational LGBT families.


Looking Back: Immigration Reform’s Journey in 2010

Despite early hopes for reform, the year was marked by the enactment of Arizona’s tough new immigration law and the defeat of the DREAM Act.

dream act activist

DREAM Act Fails to Advance in Senate

Immigrant activists joined President Obama in expressing “incredible disappointment” at the failure of the bill that would have provided a path to legal status for hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants.

Youth advocates for the DREAM Act call Senators at the New York State Youth Leadership Council - Photo: Catalina Jaramillo

Vote on DREAM Act Scheduled for Saturday

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has cleared the way for what’s likely to be the DREAM Act’s last chance in the lame duck session of Congress.

Advice to Journalists: Keep the “immigration crisis” on the front burner

“Our job as journalists is to continue to write about the immigration crisis so it will earn the place it should have among the priorities of the new president.”