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Republican contender Mitt Romney

De Leon: President Romney’s ‘Día Uno’ Campaign Won’t Earn Him Latino Votes

With his slate of new Spanish language ads targeting Latino Voters, Mitt Romney talks about education and the economy–but totally skirts the controversial topic of immigration.

Estamos Unidos

De Leon Commentary: ‘Estamos Unidos’ President Obama Woos En Español

The Obama campaign unleashed a $25 million advertising blitz targeting Latino voters in the battleground states of Florida, Nevada and Colorado.

Undocumented immigrants protest Alabama's harsh new immigration law (Photo: Dreamactivist)

De Leon: Please Etch-A-Sketch Away the Self-Deportation Myth

A new report from the Immigration Policy Center dismantles the “attrition through enforcement” theory professed by Mitt Romney.

Sheriff Paul Babeu

Arizona Sheriff Babeu Resigns From Romney Campaign, But Intends to Weather Scandal

A conservative sheriff known for his hardline immigration stance was outed as gay after allegations surfaced that he threatened his Mexican ex-boyfriend with deportation.

Marine is sworn in as a US Citizen

De Leon: The ARMS Act Does Not Make Sense

The Adjusted Residency for Military Service Act – the ARMS Act – is a pruned version of the DREAM Act. It gives undocumented youth a chance to legalize their status if they join the military, but there are no benefits for pursuing higher education.

U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio from Florida speaks at CPAC - Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Eyes on Marco Rubio as GOP Field Pivots to Florida

As eyes turn from South Carolina to Florida for the GOP primaries, one Republican Senator who isn’t even running for president is sharing the spotlight with the Republican presidential candidates.

GOP candidate Mitt Romney

De Leon: Romney is Out of Touch With Voters on Immigration

According to the latest Gallup poll, only three percent of Americans say immigration is the most important problem facing the country today, but candidate Mitt Romney insists on making his stance ultra-conservative. Is that the direction he should be taking the GOP?


Every Vote Counts – GOP Candidates Speak to Latinos in New Hampshire

Latinos make up a tiny fraction of the New Hampshire population, but Gingrich and Romney both had words for immigrants over the weekend, as the candidates count down the hours to primary day.

GOP candidate Mitt Romney

If in the White House, Mitt Romney Says He Will Veto DREAM Act

This is not a reversal for Romney, who has always expressed tough love for undocumented immigrants, but it’s a clear statement that Hispanic voters in Iowa will hear in the countdown before Tuesday’s GOP caucus.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

Romney: A Flip-Flopper on Immigration or a Bona Fide Hardliner?

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has been accused of flip-flopping on issues, chief among them immigration. But has his stance on immigration really shifted that much?