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De Leon: Please Etch-A-Sketch Away the Self-Deportation Myth

A new report from the Immigration Policy Center dismantles the “attrition through enforcement” theory professed by Mitt Romney.


Appeals Court Blocks Controversial Sections of Tough Alabama Immigration Law

A victory for immigrant rights groups opposed to the toughest state immigration law in the nation.


Podcast: DREAM Activists Protest Alabama’s Anti-Immigration Law

A nation-wide network of young undocumented immigrants, their parents and their supporters in Congress are flocking to Alabama to protest that state’s harsh new anti-immigration law. Hear their voices in this Fi2W podcast.

De Leon: Can State Immigration Laws Be Rolled Back?

The most powerful opponent of anti-illegal immigration laws may end up being the economic fallout from the laws themselves.

De Leon: Reasonable State Responses to Immigration

Columnist Erwin De Leon writes that unlike Alabama, some states are bucking the trend and providing humane solutions to our nation’s broken immigration system.