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Health care reform supporters in Minnesota - Photo: AFL-CIO/Flickr

Latinos and the Supreme Court’s Health Care Ruling

Guest columnist Victor Landa of NewsTaco says the Affordable Care Act looks to good for Latinos, but, he cautions, we won’t see the its true impact until the November election.

Senate Committee Considers Immigration-Related Amendments to Health Care Bill

By Diego Graglia, FI2W web editor
Sen. Max Baucus presides the Finance Committee's session on health care reform - Image: C-SPAN

Sen. Max Baucus presides at the Finance Committee's session on health care reform. (Image: C-SPAN)

As the health care reform bill slogs through the Senate, the Finance Committee may consider some 15 amendments related to coverage (or lack of it) for immigrants, Spanish-language Los Angeles newspaper La Opinión reported Wednesday.

The amendments are related to issues including identity verification, who gets coverage and who qualifies for subsidies to pay for it, La Opinión’s Antonieta Cádiz reported.

Democrats Robert Menéndez, Jay Rockefeller and Jeff Bingaman have introduced five amendments, two of which deal with coverage for immigrant children who are American citizens, and the eligibility of mixed-status immigrant families for subsidies.


Immigration Battle Heating Up: Group Accuses Talk Radio Hosts of Supporting "Hate Group"

A talk radio event sparks an ugly exchange. (Image: FAIR)

A talk radio event sparks an ugly exchange. (Image: FAIR)

Over 45 of “America’s finest radio hosts,” according to organizers, have converged on Washington D.C. to hold a conservative event Tuesday and Wednesday in opposition to President Obama’s health care proposal and the possibility of immigration reform.

But the event’s organizer, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, is being denounced by America’s Voice, one of the leading pro-immigration lobbying organizations, as a hate group.

While both groups have long disagreed, and maintain widely divergent views on immigration, seldom have their attacks been so direct.