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Feet in 2 Worlds Podcast: Female-Friendly Car Club Defies Lowrider Stereotypes

In San-Antonio, a group of female lowriders are holding their own in the macho world of car culture. Freelance reporter Veronica Zaragovia rides along with these women for the Fi2W Podcast.

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Dominican Women Follow Politics like Baseball, but Struggle to Get in the Game

The Dominican Republic holds presidential and congressional elections on Sunday. This year three women are running for vice president, which is awakening interest in the election among Dominican women in New York. A story from our partner El Diario/La Prensa.

Immigrant Women Have More Power in the Family, Face Big Economic Challenges According to New Poll

By Diego Graglia, FI2W web editor
Immigrant women are keeping families together -- Photo: New America Media.

Immigrant women are keeping families together. (Photo: New America Media)

Immigrant women in the U.S. “face formidable barriers” –lack of language skills, discrimination, low wages, lack of health care–, but still their numbers continue to grow and they are “now on the move as much as men,” a poll released Thursday said.

As they settle in America, traveling great distances and adapting to a new culture, women’s roles in the family have changed too: many assume the role of head of household or start sharing responsibilities and power with their husbands, said the study, commissioned by New America Media (NAM), a group that fosters cooperation between ethnic news organizations.

According to the poll of 1,102 people, Women Immigrants: Stewards of the 21st Century (click for pdf), many female immigrants “acknowledge speaking little or no English, while confronting anti-immigrant discrimination, lack of healthcare and low-paying employment well below the status of the professional work most did in their home countries.”

This problem was reported by large majorities of the women polled –79% percent of Latin American women, 73% of Vietnamese women, 70% of Korean women, and 63% of Chinese women.