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State Sen. Russell Pearce – Photo: Valeria Fernández.

Conservative Lawmakers Push Anti-Immigrant Legislation in Arizona

Republican lawmakers are pushing for laws that would allow police to arrest undocumented migrants for “trespassing” in the state or for standing on a sidewalk to look for work.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks to the press in Phoenix – File photo: Valeria Fernández

Federal Grand Jury Investigating Arizona Sheriff at the Forefront of Immigration Enforcement

A federal grand jury is investigating the office of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio over allegations of abuse of power. He has been accused of racial profiling and has allegedly launched investigations against political rivals.

The Year in Review: Arizona Immigrants Face New Year With Old Fears

For Arizona immigrants 2009 was the year of raids in workplaces, traffic stops that led to deportations and reports of violations of human and civil rights.

Children of deported parents get Christmas gifts from an Arizona church – Photo: Valeria Fernández

Their Parents Deported, Arizona Children Get Christmas Gifts from Churches

On the face of an increase in the number of parents deported from Maricopa County, a local church decided to organize a Christmas gift-giving event for the first time this year.


Undocumented Immigrants in Arizona: FI2W’s Valeria Fernández on New America Now Radio

Feet in 2 Worlds reporter Valeria Fernández was interviewed on the latest edition of the New America Now radio program to talk about the recent passage of a law in Arizona that forces public employees to report undocumented immigrants to the authorities if they apply for federal or state benefits.

Immigration Reform Bill Sparks Cautious Optimism and Lots of Questions Among Immigrants in Arizona

In Arizona, which has been at the forefront of hard-line immigration initiatives, news of a bill that would allow the legalization of millions of undocumented workers brought some relief but also questions about the likely fate of those who’ve been swept up in the state’s law enforcement dragnet.


Released from Immigration Jail, a Mother Dances to Fulfill her Promise to the Virgin of Guadalupe

Sandra Figueroa, an undocumented immigrant, first heard about the dance of the Matachines while she was in jail. She promised that she would learn it to honor the Virgin of Guadalupe and thank her for helping her to be free and to reunite with her family.

New Law Forcing State Employees to Report Undocumented Immigrants Causes Fear in Arizona

Arizona starts enforcing a new law aimed at denying public benefits to undocumented migrants.

With No Official Help, Program Offers Another Chance to Latino Addicts, Many of them Immigrants

Phoenix’s Centro de Rehabilitación “Volviendo a Vivir” (“Returning to Life” Rehabilitation Center) rests in the heart of a neighborhood surrounded by drug dealers’ stash houses and provides services to men who live in the area without any government help.


For Battered Latina Immigrants: Dwindling Resources, But Also Hope

De Colores, a domestic violence shelter in Phoenix, specializes in helping undocumented Spanish-speaking migrant women like her.