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Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice - Photo: AV.

Obama Has Mojo: Health Reform’s Lessons for Immigration Reform

Listen to an audio interview as New America Media’s Sandip Roy speaks with Frank Sharry, executive director of pro-immigration reform group America’s Voice.

Organizer Salvador Reza wants other states to boycott Arizona for its persecution of undocumented immigrants - Photos: Valeria Fernández.

Immigration Reform Caravan Leaves for D.C. to Show Plight of the Undocumented in Arizona

Dozens of human rights activists set out in a caravan from Phoenix to Washington D.C. to call attention to the criminalization of immigrants in Arizona.

Immigration activists marched on the Capitol last October - Photo: Jelena Kopanka/Fi2W

Obama Meeting on Immigration Reform, A Pre-Emptive Strike Against Demonstration?

The president will talk immigration with Sens. Schumer and Graham Monday evening, but a potentially massive march for immigration reform looms ahead.

With No Progress on Immigration Reform, Activists Ready to Take to the Streets Again

A May Day march for immigration reform in Downtown Los Angeles this year - Photo: j.r.mchale.

A May Day march for immigration reform in Downtown Los Angeles this year - (Photo: j.r.mchale.)

In the face of delays by the Obama administration on an immigration bill,  pro-immigration advocates are ready to take to the streets again to demand comprehensive immigration reform.

Univision.com’s Jorge Cancino reports that groups in several states are organizing marches that will take place between Oct. 10 and 13 to coincide with Hispanic heritage celebrations. They want to pressure the White House and Congress to move forward on immigration reform, despite all signs suggesting that debate will be delayed at least until 2010.

“We will go out on the streets on Saturday Oct. 10 to pressure Barack Obama’s government and Congress to start, not passing reform, but at least introducing some type of package so that we can start a serious conversation about the immigration issue,” Juan José Gutiérrez, director of Movimiento Latino USA in Los Angeles, told Cancino.