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Phillipe Nover ‘The Filipino Assassin’ is a Healing Nurse

The challenge of being a nurse by day and a fighter at night.

Food In 2 WorldsStories

Feeding the Street: The Untold Story of Women Vendors in New York 

NYC has about 25-thousand street vendors, nearly half are women.


Hope and Pain – The Story of an Unaccompanied Minor

Despite getting a second chance after arriving in the US, Darlin Adonay Peña faces an uncertain future.


Underground Networks Spring Up to Support Child Migrants

In response to growing numbers of anti-immigrant groups, an informal network emerges to provide humanitarian aid to undocumented child migrants and their families.


Debunking Myths About Migrant Children from Central America

A woman who fled El Salvador nine years ago offers her perspective on the latest wave of child migrants.


Why Haven’t 8 Million Eligible Immigrants Become U.S. Citizens?

8 million immigrants across the country are eligible for U.S. citizenship but have not yet applied. A disproportionate number live in New York City.


No Room for Due Process: Immigrant Detainees Rarely Get Their Day in Court

3 out of 4 people being deported today are subjected to “expedited removal” — with no day in court, just an immigration agent to decide their case.


Fi2W Wins Top Honors Among NYC’s Ethnic and Community Media

Feet in 2 Worlds took home three Ippies Awards on Thursday night. Five Fi2W journalists received awards for stories broadcast and published in 2013.


Despite Obamacare Gains, Undocumented Immigrants Largely Excluded

Undocumented Latinos are hard hit when it comes to getting health care under the Affordable Care Act.