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Watch and Chat During Obama’s Announcement on Reprieve for Immigrant Youth

Our partner It’s A Free Country is hosting a live chat during the president’s major announcement about ending deportations and providing work permits for young undocumented immigrants.

Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal

Parties Ignore Asian-American Voters at their Own Peril

A new poll suggests that Asian Americans could tilt the race in favor of either President Obama or Governor Mitt Romney.

Gay Latinos in Queens celebrate the passage of marriage equality in New York State

De Leon: Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance Won’t Cost Him the Latino Vote

Analysts say the president’s stance on marriage equality will be overshadowed by his reputation on the economy and immigration reform in the eyes of Latino voters.


Campaigns and Voters are Wired Like Never Before – Is that Good?

Any control that campaigns had over messaging is lost as we, a collective audience, “like,” upload, and review the best and the worst of politics through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Fi2W reporter Aswini Anburajan wrote this piece for our partner, WNYC’s It’s A Free Country.


Irish Immigration Bill Raises Questions in Latino, Asian Communities

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) wants to allocate 10,500 more work visas to Irish immigrants a year. But the bill makes some people uncomfortable because it singles out one ethnic group.


Can Newt Gingrich Emulate George W. Bush’s Success With Latinos?

Former House Speaker Next Gingrich is “softer” on immigration than the others vying for the GOP Presidential nomination, but that may not be enough to win Latino votes.

Korean American Census Rally in Queens, NY - Photo: Sooyeon Kim.

Asian Immigration and the Myth of the ‘Model Minority’

Almost a third of all immigrants living in the United States hail from Asia, but their voices are often left out of the immigration debate.


Lift of U.S.-Mexico Trucking Ban Divides GOP

President Barack Obama just lifted the 17-year-old ban on Mexican commercial trucks entering the U.S. under a NAFTA agreement. Republican presidential candidates have been unusually quiet on this action–why?

Opponents of Alabama law HB 56

De Leon: Can State Immigration Laws Be Rolled Back?

The most powerful opponent of anti-illegal immigration laws may end up being the economic fallout from the laws themselves.


Map: Political Representation Lags Between Dominican, Puerto Rican Demographic Shifts

New York’s Hispanic community became significantly more diverse over the last decade. Yet when you take a look at Hispanic representation in the city’s political landscape, it would seem that Puerto Ricans have the job of speaking for all.