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Anna Mindess paprika 2
AudioFood In 2 WorldsStories

My Jewish Family History Told Through Food

Three very different stories of food and Jewish heritage.


Building a “Culture of Engagement” Among Asian Americans with Music, Social Media and an App

Mark Tseng Putterman uses technology to reach potential Asian and Pacific Islander voters

Shabbat Dinner 1 – Photo by Ramaa
Food In 2 WorldsStories

Cooking the Faith: The Linchpin of Being Jewish

Part of a series on women, food, and places of worship.

Mexi-Jewish Trini-Filipino Birthday Party
Food In 2 WorldsStories

A Mexi-Jewish, Trini-Filipino Birthday Feast in Queens

Two families raising their daughters to be adventurous eaters.


‘What I Carried’ Featured on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show

Fi2W executive producer John Rudolph talks about our new multimedia project.


‘What I Carried’ Volume Two: Little Italy, and the Family Milkshake Machine

The second installment of our Cowbird multimedia series examining personal objects with special meaning to immigrants.