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Commentary: No Surprise, Gays Left Out of Immigration Reform Bill

Gay bi-national couples are not included in the Senate immigration bill. Erwin de Leon says that makes the bill comprehensive, but not inclusive.

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Commentary: Comparing Immigration Reform Proposals

This week, President Obama and the a bi-partisan group of senators offered competing plans for immigration reform. We give you a side by side comparison in a new infographic.


Commentary: Will Immigration Reform Be Comprehensive and Inclusive?

FI2W’s Erwin de Leon worries that compromise on immigration reform could leave out binational LGBT families.


Commentary: Discretion Policy on Deportations of Gay Immigrant Spouses Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Columnist Erwin de Leon argues that a recent letter from DHS Secretary Napolitano isn’t the welcome news that many gay immigrant advocates believe it to be.


Despite Legalized Gay Marriage, a Missing Piece for Immigrants

Part of Erwin de Leon’s American dream was to live openly and with integrity. In this commentary he tells us why gay marriage is his issue.

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At International AIDS Conference a Focus on Travel & Migration Restrictions for HIV-Positive People

While the Obama administration lifted a long-standing travel and immigration ban on those who test positive for HIV, many nations around the world maintain restrictions on admitting HIV-positive people.

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De Leon: Many NGOs Neglect Queer Refugees

Columnist Erwin De Leon writes about a survey conducted by the Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration and Indiana University revealing that NGOs worldwide often fail to adequately protect LGBTI refugees.

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De Leon: Evangelicals Are Polarizing the Immigrant Rights Movement

As the Latino population grows in the evangelical church, many Christian groups are embracing immigration reform. But their stance on LGBT issues makes some partners in the national immigrant rights movement uncomfortable.

Gay Latinos in Queens celebrate the passage of marriage equality in New York State

De Leon: Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance Won’t Cost Him the Latino Vote

Analysts say the president’s stance on marriage equality will be overshadowed by his reputation on the economy and immigration reform in the eyes of Latino voters.


Von Diaz on Latino USA: The Struggle of Lesbians in Cuba

After the 1959 revolution, being gay in Cuba was considered counter-revolutionary. LGBT Cubans were jailed and harassed because of their sexual identity. Listen to the piece Fi2W reporter Von Diaz produced about Lesbian Cubans for our partner Latino USA.