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Former Supreme Court Justice Souter

Justice Souter Calls on Immigrants to Set Example for Americans Who are Ignorant of the Constitution

Retired Supreme Court Justice David Souter called on immigrants who studied the U.S. Constitution for their citizenship exam for to set an example for native-born Americans who are ignorant of the Constitution and the values it represents.

Back to Where It All Started: New Hampshire Public Radio Focuses on Immigrant Vote

Even though New Hampshire’s immigrant population is growing rapidly, there are still relatively few immigrants living in the Granite State – site of the “first in the nation” presidential primary.  On election day New Hampshire Public Radio’s Word of Mouth took a rare look at immigrant voters in New Hampshire and around the nation with Feet In Two Worlds Executive Producer John Rudolph and Eduardo A. de Oliveira, a Brazilian journalist who writes for the Nashua Telegraph and New England Ethnic News.

Click here to listen to the interview.