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NY State Senator Gustavo Rivera Stakes Out Independent Role

The freshman lawmaker from the Bronx says he’s his own man, even when it comes to supporters who helped him defeat the embattled Pedro Espada, once the highest ranking Hispanic in New York State government.

‘I Am a Khan, I Am Not a Terrorist’ Say Pashtuns in New York

Ethnic Pashtun immigrants can’t return home because they are considered too “American,” but in the U.S. they are profiled as terror suspects.

Latinos Give Paterson a Report Card: Good, But Not Good Enough

In the twilight of David Paterson’s term as New York governor, Hispanic leaders reflect on his legacy with immigrants and Latinos.

Youth Say Tabling DREAM Act a Good Decision

Young advocates for the DREAM Act say the postponement of a Senate vote gives them more time to convince senators of their cause.

Hispanic Group Asks Cuomo to Implement a “Latino Agenda”

The Latino Society of New York wants Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo to appoint Latinos to key positions in his new administration. The announcement of the proposed “Latino Agenda” cost one long-time Assembly aide his job.

Gutiérrez to DREAM Act Supporters: Put Pressure on Republicans

Illinois Congressman Luis V. Gutiérrez wants to focus on passage of the DREAM Act as a stand-alone bill during the lame duck session. In New York over the weekend, the leader in the fight for immigration reform signaled a shift in tactics.


Taking the Measure of Immigrant Electoral Power

As new generations of immigrants emerge, is NY’s political character changing? A recent forum focused on how immigrant communities gain influence in government.

Cuomo’s Campaign Promises to Latinos

The Democratic candidate for New York governor said if elected he’ll review the controversial Secure Communities agreement with the federal government.


Muslim Voters Face Difficult Choice in Tuesday’s Election

The controversy over a proposed mosque and Muslim cultural center near ground zero has spurred new interest in politics among Muslim voters. But those in New York’s 13th Congressional District must choose between two opponents of the Park51 plan.


Park51 Controversy Leads to Political Engagement by Muslim New Yorkers

The backlash against a proposed mosque and Islamic cultural center in lower Manhattan has spurred Muslims in New York to get involved in local politics.