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New York Buzzing With Excitement: T-Shirt Vendors Proclaim Obama The Winner

NEW YORK – Aswini Anburajan, FI2W reporter

Union Square is buzzing with vendors and election volunteers. There are even people from Comedy Central who are handing out buttons for the cable channel’s “Indecision 2008.” Some of the vendors have proclaimed an early victory for Obama, selling T-shirts that proclaim him the winner of today’s election.

Though it wasn’t St. Patrick’s day, one vendor sold bright green t-shirts with shamrocks in the place of a heart to show support for Obama.

I’ve yet to see a McCain sign or meet a voter who is voting for him.

Lorraine Guest stands near the subway entrance in Union Square handing out fliers about Obama. She’s the president of her local AFSCME union and has been knocking doors for the senator from Illinois in Pennsylvania.

Guest said that she hit the polls early this morning, but the line was three blocks long near her home on 92nd street between Amsterdam and Columbus.

Up in Harlem, long lines continued until noon, as people came during their lunch breaks to vote. Those who came out of the polls shouted encouragement to those waiting, telling them to hold on and not give up and go home.