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News Analysis: Did Obama Manage to Defuse Next Week’s Immigration Reform March?

President Obama once again seemed to mollify immigration reform advocates with a statement on his “strong commitment” to the issue, but he did not give them much else.

On Eve of State of the Union Address, Immigration Reform Activists Show Impatience With Obama

As President Obama prepares a State of the Union address in which he may mention immigration reform, activists want to remind him that he had promised to deal with it in his first year in office.

Activists Announce May Day Demonstrations For Immigration Reform In Several Cities

Immigration activists confirmed Thursday that marches are planned for several cities on May Day to press the Obama Administration and Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform.  Immigrant advocates want to put pressure on the president to follow through on campaign promises to reform the nation’s immigration system. They also want a stop to enforcement raids and deportations.

“On May 1, we’ll go out on the streets to tell Barack Obama’s government and the Congress that we need an immigration reform with a path to legalization for millions of the undocumented,” Juan José Gutiérrez, director of Movimiento Latino USA, told Univision Interactive Multimedia (UIM) in Los Angeles.

Activists in L.A., Gutierrez added, will start demonstrating this Saturday, April 4, on the 41st anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. “We will tell (the president) that the date is coming, the countdown to the 100 days when he promised to send an immigration reform proposal to Congress,” he said.

Gutiérrez said Obama had promised L.A. activists to send a bill to Congress before his first 100 days in office during a meeting in December 2007.