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Supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro stormed the National Congress in Brasilia on January 8, 2023. Photo by TV BrasiGov, via Wikicommons. Photo collage by Yunuen Bonaparte.

A Diaspora Divided

Right-wing groups in the U.S. Brazilian community are using social media to become more politically active.

Boen Wang_me mom and sister_Cropped
"A Better Life?"AudioStories

How to Wash Your Brain — “A Better Life?” Podcast

Writer and producer Boen Wang and his Chinese-born mom disagree on almost every political issue. Each suspects that the other has been “brainwashed”, because how else could they have such extreme views? In this personal piece, Boen unpacks the epistemology and history of the term brainwashing, and goes on an intimate exploration of his mom’s childhood and experiences in the U.S. to figure out what has actually shaped her political beliefs—and his own.

Miami Freedom Project Art Workshop

Progressives Vie for Cuban American Voters in Miami

Community organizers aim to change political hearts and minds through dominoes, art workshops and community dialogues.

Karina Ruiz and family

Arizona’s Fate in the Midterms Depends on Latino Voters

In this year’s midterm elections, a lot of the political gains of the past 12 years are threatened, and Latino voters could be partly responsible.


11 Great Moments from Election Day

Highlights from our friends and followers on social media


Welcome to the 2016 Election Issue of Fi2W’s Online Magazine

A message from Fi2W’s Executive Producer


Central Florida Votes Puerto Rican: The Future of a Swing State and the Island in One Vote

Grooming a growing community to have long-term political impact.


The ‘Ilhan Omar Effect’:  How a Somali-American Muslim Woman Candidate is Mobilizing Millennial Voters in Minnesota

Omar is poised to be the first Somali-American elected to a state legislature in the U.S