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Commentary: Comparing Immigration Reform Proposals

This week, President Obama and the a bi-partisan group of senators offered competing plans for immigration reform. We give you a side by side comparison in a new infographic.

Commentary: New Immigration Laws Are Coming, Whether It’s Under Obama or Romney

Neither party can afford to maintain the immigration status quo for another four years.

Commentary: Between Obama and Romney, Choice Should Be Crystal Clear to Immigrants

Columnist Erwin de Leon has no doubt about who immigrants should vote for after watching the second presidential debate.


Commentary: Campaigns Blitz Latino Voters with Ads, But Will it Change the Race?

Fi2W commentator Jack Tomas takes a critical look at the latest crop of political ads -in both Spanish and English – aimed at Latino voters.

Romney Presents Best Candidate for Latinos: Obama

Fi2W commentator Erwin de Leon writes that Mitt Romney had nothing substantial to say in his speech to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.

De Leon: Rocking the Boat, and the Vote, for a Dream

President Obama holds the power to realize the ultimate dreams of undocumented youth—but he’s choosing not to wield it.

In State of the Union, President Obama Lowers Expectations on Immigration

The President proposed small steps to improve the immigration system, focusing on the DREAM Act and the need to change the policy of sending foreign students home after they graduate from U.S. colleges and universities.


In State of the Union, President Obama Asks Congress to Face Immigration Issues

Just as supporters of immigration reform were losing hope, the president said he wants to take on “once and for all, the issue of illegal immigration.”

Obama Says Immigration System Is “Broken,” But Provides No Map For Reform

The president’s speech on immigration was eloquent, but it left many questions unanswered.

Hispanic Support for Obama Waining

A new Gallup poll shows that President Obama’s approval rating among Hispanic voters has dropped 12 percentage points over the past 5 months.